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    A patent is a commercial property right granted for an invention which is new, inventive and useful.

    There are two types of patents in Australa:

    • a standard patent gives long-term protection and control over an invention for up to 20 years; and
    • an innovation patent is a relatively fast, inexpensive protection option, lasting a maximum of 8 years.

    McMahon and Gordon offers you the full range of patenting services - from searching, patent drafting and examination right through to portfolio management. Our patent attorneys are registered in both Australia and New Zealand, they can present you directly before the Patent Offices in Australia, New Zealand and Pupua New Guinea. In other countries, we work closely with our foreign associates who assist with patent filing and prosecution overseas.

    We also have experience in working closely with research and development teams to advise on every aspect of the patenting process. We offer not only technical excellence, but clear-cut commercial solutions. For Small and Medium Enterprise, we also have business partners who can provide assistant in marketing and sourcing manufacturers for your inventions.

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