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    Our Patent Services

    In McMahon and Gordon, we offer patent services that are tailored to your patent registration requirements, including:

    • conducting searches to establish patentability or freedom to operate of inventions;
    • drafting and preparing patent specifications;
    • filing and prosecuting patent applications in Australia and overseas;
    • responding to examination reports;
    • representing you in patent oppositions, as applicant or opponent;
    • paying maintenance fees and annuities;
    • managing your patent portfolio;
    • conducting infringement searches and advising on patent infringement and validity;
    • filing and conducting oppositions to the grant of patents as well as defending applications against oppositions;
    • auditing your Intellectual Property;
    • advising appropriate screening protocols for inventive activity and infringement risk management;
    • enforcing patent rights against infringers;
    • negotiating and settling patent disputes; and
    • patent watching, monitoring and surveillance.