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    Our Services

    Intellectual Property can create enormous potential and benefits to its owner. However, it is not always easy to benefit from your Intellectual Property. There may be many steps along the way, which may include anything from protecting the ideas to building a trust with your customers to sell your ideas. It is a long journey, but we are here to help.

    McMahon & Gordon is a specialist Intellectual Property firm, serving our clients in all aspects relating to Intellectual Property. We offers various services for all types of companies, innovators or research institutions to assist them in achieving commercial success with their Intellectual Assets.

    Our services covers:

    • Patents
    • Trade Marks
    • Designs
    • Intellectual Property Management
    • Intellectual Property Enforcement
    • Commercialisation Services
    • In conjunction with our associated Law firm, conduct of Litigation relating to Intellectual Property

    Although you may be a creative inventor, a helping hand may allow you to reap the best reward from your Intellectual Property.